Amadeo I, 8
12001- Castellon
Tel- 964 250966

The largest and most changed of the resturants. The traditional kitchen specializes in meat and fish, and has a menu with more than 100 different plates which characterizes the variety and selection which the visitor can enjoy.
Banquets, celebrations and business meetings can all be accomidated in one of four dining rooms that hold around 200 guests. Even with its larger size, the resturant continues its characteristicly friendly atmosphere and special attention to the customer.

Speciality: Barbaqued meats and fresh fish
Capacity aprox: 168 persons between 4 lounges and a bar
Hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Days closed: On Sunday evenings and Mondays
Point of reference: Between C/Zaragoza and Huerto Sogueros
Founded in: 1978

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